Introduction to the Procurement Agency

“The Procurement Agency” was established by the Government’s resolution No.6 dated August 27, 2012, as an implementing agency of the Government under the Deputy Prime Minister’s scope as part of the Government for Change's reform policy.

Main Goals of Government Procurement Agency

  • To make bidding procedures transparent and fair.
  • To use allocated budget economically and effectively for organizing bidding procedures; promote equal opportunities for competition and provide accountability.
  • To adhere to a policy that delegates certain parts of Agency’s works to private entities and specialized non-government organizations.
  • To organize all bids through electronic means by 2016 and enhance the ways of distributing bid related news, information, bidding notices, results for bid selection procedure in the website.
  • To implement unified policy and plan in developing capacity, technology and software of the Agency and its units in provinces.
  • To provide professional support to its units in provinces, public and private sectors, continuously organize training that meets with international development tendency.
  • To enhance human resource policy for procurement specialists.