Administrative division improves the management, structure, and work plan and labor arrangements of the procurement, expands foreign and domestic relations and provides normal proceeding of the organization.


To develop agency structure, internal system and human resource board, to put control on the fulfillment of the resolutions of coming up laws and regulations, to provide the procurement board with all aspects of the support and suggestions referred to the issues to make legal acts and documents officially.

Main functions

  • To provide internal affairs of the agency with the state administrational board;
  • To manage monitoring on the implementations of resolutions and decisions made by the Parliament and the Government and report its fulfillments on time;
  • To accomplish Human Resource Policy of the Agency, to resolve the social matters of the staff and to proceed and handle programs directed to develop the professional and educational potentiality of the staff;
  • To determine the financial need of the organization and to project and comply it to the state associated budget holding;
  • To provide local entities of the procurement with the politic guidelines and prescriptions;
  • To cooperate with any project or program to develop foreign affairs of the Agency;
  • To allow referred staff to conduct archives, documents and official paper works along to the related instructions and procedures;
  • To organize typical service issues useful to provide normal operation of the organization, to arrange office room orders properly and submit the idea to manage the maintenance and let it resolved by the authority;
  • To be responsible for provision of the implementations of resolutions and laws against the corruption;
  • To organize public activities and festivals involved mass of the organization;